The twelve step program

The monkey on my shoulder is intended to help people recover from alcoholism. In it I dispel common misconceptions regarding Alcoholics Anonymous and clearly describe how to use their
twelve step program. Many of the expensive “celebrity” clinics use the AA program to achieve recovery from alcoholism. Exactly the same quality of recovery can be achieved at virtually no cost
by using the guidance within “Monkey” and freely available AA meetings.

It seems odd that somebody would die because they thought that the twelve step program was religious


People with a drink problem deny it to themselves and everybody else. Alcohol abuse is not a small problem, it is one of the worlds
largest killers and yet we can choose to die because we object to the spelling of programme or once half listened to an uneducated opinion about the basis of the twelve steps.
In any sample group of people, one in three will have had their life adversely affected by an alcoholic, but would often prefer to perpetuate the denial with flimsy excuses rather than accept
the perceived stigma of applying the label “Alcoholic” to themselves or their family.

Or recovery…

The program of recovery is a set of twelve steps – decisions and actions to guide a sufferer back into a normal life. During my own twenty year recovery I have used the techniques described
within “Monkey” and I know that they save lives. It contains a detailed, original explanation laid out to lead the sufferer along a clearly defined path towards recovery.

If it is investigated with an open mind the sufferer can see that there is no religious content, no secret society to join and no catches.

The Monkey on My Shoulder is an easy to use self-help guidebook written to be engaging, challenging and completely secular. It is designed to become the companion of anybody who is questioning their own or a loved ones inability to stop drinking.

A recovery Resource