Committee 6 (6.1)

Conference is asked to consider and make recommendations on ways to reach out to problem drinkers in black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. Membership of AA is still predominantly white, even in racially mixed towns and cities.



2 thoughts on “Committee 6 (6.1)”

  1. P.I. should prioritise schools visits, and especially to schools on predominately black/Asian/minority area.
    AA Posters which are printed in different languages, e.g. Urdu, should be taken to all doctors’ surgeries, chemists.
    When newcomers come to meetings for the first time, often without a 12 step visit beforehand, whenever experience is shared, the concept of choosing your own Higher Power must be made clear.

  2. Possibly try and engage with the ethnic community elders and leader to try and get inroads to carrying the message
    From experience not easy

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