Committee 1 (1.2)

Would the fellowship share experience of appropriate resources and support for alcoholics who have special needs or disabilities?


The group’s experience was that a member with autism wasn’t treated fairly when sharing, and that inappropriate comments were made about this individual. We think there needs to be more awareness of members with special needs and disabilities within AA, so groups can have a better understanding of dealing with this when it arises. This would help to support all individuals with disabilities, whether visible or not.

Consider the contribution to the carrying of the message, financial and practical implications when deliberating each question



2 thoughts on “Committee 1 (1.2)”

  1. I do not think that a leaflet on this is necessary. There are so many different disabilities and degrees of disability that we could not cover all of them.
    Simple common sense, which should have returned for enough members, should guide the group. If there is a carer, ask the carer for guidance how to talk with the newcomer. Try to include the disabled person in the group but if this is too difficult at the beginning then have a couple of members share with the newcomer in a separate room.

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