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DescriptionLinkDate AddedQuality
Introduction16 Dec 2020Reduced
Getting Started09 Aug 2020Reduced
Step One12 Aug 2020Reduced
Step Two19 Aug 2020Reduced
What forms do these insanities take19 Aug 2020Reduced
Step Three29 Aug 2020Reduced
Spiritual Paths 29 Aug 2020Reduced
Moral Defects - What are they31 Aug 2020Reduced
Step Four10 Oct 2020Reduced
Step Five10 Oct 2020Reduced
Step Six10 Oct 2020Reduced
Communicating with our higher power17 Oct 2020Reduced
Step Seven29 Oct 2020Reduced
Defect Dogs29 Oct 2020Reduced
Step Eight29 Oct 2020Reduced
Step Nine31 Oct 2020Reduced
Step Ten13 Nov 2020Reduced
Step Eleven13 Nov 2020Reduced
Step Twelve13 Nov 2020Reduced
Pulling it Together (Part one)17 Nov 2020Reduced
Sponsorship29 Nov 2020Reduced
Recipe for a balanced life29 Nov 2020Reduced
Rarely have we seen a person fail 29 Nov 2020Reduced
Staying sober under all conditions01 Dec 2020Reduced
Confusion12 Dec 2020Reduced
Challenges12 Dec 2020Reduced
Tricks to help12 Dec 2020Reduced
Toolkit for normal living12 Dec 2020Reduced
Situations 16 Dec 2020Reduced
Completed16 Dec 2020

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