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I am just a bloke who got in a mess with booze. I was helped to recover by Alcoholics Anonymous and their Twelve Step program. I don’t claim to be anything special, but I was shown the path to recovery and I want to show it to others.
AA does not endorse this book, but I hope you find that it contains ideas and suggestions that help if you try and adopt the program into your life.

... The Monkey

I have an image of my illness as a monkey. Not a cute little fur ball of fun, but a devious, clever and tenacious monkey (who happens to talk as well). This image came to me when I used to get home, open the door and “wham” a feeling of dread and hopelessness would drop from the door jamb and land on the back of my neck. It was an empty home and as I entered, feelings of despair and darkness seemed to wreath about me. In this emptiness the whispered thoughts of how difficult it would be to get through the night crept into my mind. It was too much to bear. Within seconds I changed from happy and safe into lonely and scared. Clearly, there was an invisible talking monkey waiting to drop on my shoulder when I got home.

This might seem strange, but it helps me to understand my thoughts if I put pictures in place to represent ideas. A more clinical view would be that I have an addiction that triggers a subconscious craving, but I find the image of a monkey trying to trick me into feeding it to be easier to imagine and resist.

The Plan

The book is available as a paper back and e-book format (See Buy). It is probably cheaper and more convenient to buy the printed copy, but the entire text of the book will remain available FOC to anybody who chooses to download it as a PDF for personal use.

Why have I decided to publish in this way? I love books and hope that some people will decide to buy the final printed copy, but I am certain that more people will be willing to download free sections of it.
Whilst I am not special in any way I genuinely hope that what I have written will be of use to somebody and the idea of globally putting out my hand in the spirit of the twelfth step far out weighs any lure of fame and fortune. If you like what I have written – pass it on.

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